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Parrot Cichlid Feeding

I haven't tried any of the following specialty foods. I'm very interested in hearing from anyone that has. Please contact me and let me know what you think about these foods. None of the fish stores here sell the products, and I have been reluctant to order any without getting some feed back first.

TropicalThere is a special food designed specifically for Parrots. It is manufactured by Tropical and is called SUPER-VIT RED PARROT FLAKE. It claims to be a special, complete, multi-ingredient flake food with color enhancing properties. It designed for daily feeding to red parrots. It has been developed in Tropical laboratories as the result of multi level research on the nourishing of these unique fish. The composition of SUPER-VIT RED PARROT FLAKE is based on the highest quality nutritious substances ensuring the proper growth and development of red parrots. The food also enhances coloration and directly influences the unusual shape of the head and body of red parrots. A specially chosen set of exogenous amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids improves the functioning of the liver and other internal organs of these delicate fish.

Ever Nature Red-Parrot Food @ Haifeng
Ever Nature Pellet FoodHaifeng manufactures many excellent fish foods. I would think that this food would be no exception. the website claims that it will promote fast growth and enhance of the unique body shape and head of the Red Parrot. The color enhancement is gradually noticeable. This food, unlike the SUPER-VIT, is a pellet while the SUPER-VIT is a flake.


Other Recommended Foods

I like to feed my parrots a variety of foods. A varied diet is always best. I made my own mix of pellets that I feed daily. The mix includes the three pellets outlined in blue below.

Tetra "The Rich Mix" flake food


Hikari Triple Sterilized Frozen Blood Worms

Every other day

Live Brine Shrimp

2 or 3 times a month

Soft Krill Pellets


Hikari Discus Red Enhancer Pellets


Sinking Shrimp Pellets


Spirulina Floating Pellets


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